Market Update December 2, 2022



Adam Buice with Pinnacle Mortgage shared some exciting news this week with our team. With interest rates fluctuating its important to lock into a rate soon. What if you could buy down that rate and refinance later?

Buy Down programs are becoming more popular today. Adam discusses the 3/2/1 buy down programs that are available on the market today. Adam was able to lock someone in at 5.99% interest rate and with the 3/2/1 buy down the first year of monthly payments are at 2.99%. If you are concerned about your interest rate, this is definitely a way to make it work for your budget. We are at two month lows right now, so take advantage. Sellers in some cases can also contribute to these making that home purchase more affordable.

When rates drop, refinance with no lender fees. Call Adam Buice with Pinnacle Mortgage Services today at 404.416.6380 or email him at