Market Update December 2, 2022



Wanted to reach out as let you know that if you are in the market to buy a home today we saw a dip in interest rates down to the low 6% range, and government loans like VA and FHA loans are in the mid to high 5% range in the past week.

Additionally, talk to your agent or mortgage person on the 2/1 Buy Down or 3/2/1 Buy Down in which your payment would be lower in the first couple of years. Sellers in some cases can contribute to these making that home purchase more affordable.

Lastly if you are a seller and your home isn’t selling in this shifting market talk to your agent today to make sure its priced right, we are seeing a number of homes selling when it’s priced right for this market.

If you need help or have questions reach out to us at 770-634-9710.